Local or Organic Foods?

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  • Topic: Local food, Farmers' market, The Omnivore's Dilemma
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  • Published : March 20, 2012
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Lakeisha Bartlett
English 101 section G
February 20, 2012
(Final draft)
Benefits of Eating Local Food
Considering how fragile our economy is, Americans try to get as much food as we can for every dollar. We go inside of grocery stores looking for the best food at the lowest prices. I can even recollect being in the grocery store and watching a woman spread out about thirty coupons in front of a cashier to help pay for a cartload food. Anyone who has been inside of a grocery store has probably walked by the produce sections and saw fruits and vegetables that had the organic label on it. According to John Cloud, in the article “Eating Better than Organic”, only a quarter of Americans purchase organic products. This fact is enough information to infer that most Americans are going to purchase conventional produce. Although it is a known fact that organic products are healthy, eating and buying local produce would be more beneficial because it builds local economies, provides fresh foods that are affordable, and helps us to become more knowledgeable about the food we eat. Eating local foods also leaves less of a “carbon footprint” on earth and the animals are less likely to be abused. Buying local food means building a larger local economy because more money spent in neighborhood businesses will maintain a successful community. More Americans will be eager to buy local produce when the price of it is reasonable. This food has always been considered “cheaper” because it is handled by fewer hands, meaning there are less people to pay to get that food into your home and on a plate. When people buy food that was reared or grown on a local farm, more money goes into the farmers pockets which will help that person build a better farm and grow better crops for the consumer. The same farmer can even take his profits and buy products or services from another local business and this process can easily become repetitious. If we were looking at this in a bigger...
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