Local, Global Interaction- a Study on the Student of Dhaka University

Topics: Globalization, Dhaka, Culture Pages: 40 (8389 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Local, Global Interactions- A Study on the Students of Dhaka University, 2011

Name of Supervisor
Dr. Nayeem Sultana
Assistant Professor
Department of Development Studies
University of Dhaka

Submitted By:
Md. Nazmul Haque
Ist Batch,
Session: 2007-08
Class Roll: 17
Department of Development Studies
University of Dhaka

Date of Submission: December 20, 2011


As the apprentice of Development Studies I have conducted a research titled by “Local, Global Interactions- A Study on the Students of Dhaka University, 2011”. During conducting a research I have got enormous support from different persons and organizations. Now I want to acknowledge their contribution here. At first, I am very much interested to take the opportunity to express my deepest thanks and sincere gratitude to my research supervisor Dr. Nayeem Sultana, Assistant professor, Department of Development Studies, University of Dhaka, who’s hearty and profound directions, skilled and proper guidance and advices have worked as the flow of blood in performing my thesis. It might not be possible for me to complete my Research Paper and to finalize this report without her heartiest contribution and active co-operation.

Heartiest thanks and humble homage go to all of our teachers who have guided us at different stages of our study to practice our knowledge here and provided us with enormous information and suggestion about how to perform the assigned job efficiently and effectively.

I am very much thankful to the respondent students for providing me the required information for preparing my thesis.

I am grateful to all of my friends and classmates who have helped me in different stages in my field practicum and during preparing this report. Finally, I express heartiest gratitude to all with the assistance of whom it became easy to conduct this study and to prepare this report.

Md. Nazmul Haque
1st Batch,
Department of Development Studies
University of Dhaka
Date: November 29, 2011

The worldwide distribution of information through newspapers, magazines, TV programs, movies and distribution of technologies such as mobile phone, internet or computer facilitate local, global interaction process. There are many ways of interaction processes like mediascapes, ethnoscapes etc. The study finds out the effect interactions through media like televisions, newspapers, magazines, films etc. The effect of such interaction is seen in many respects of life along with the career, food habit, and recreation pattern of the students. The mindset of young generation is changing due to such interactions about their career, food habit, and the means of recreation. To find out of this effect the qualitative and quantitative research methods have been applied for depth or holistic understanding about the phenomenon. The findings of this study help to understand the trend of cultural transformation of the students.


Titles’ Name Page No.

List of Tables 6

List of Graphs 7

Chapter-1: About Research 8

1.1 Background of the Study 9

1.2 Objectives of the study 10

1.3 Analytical Framework 10

1.4 Research Methodology 12

1.5 Justification of Research...
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