Local Economic Development and Urban Marketing

Topics: Marketing, Strategic planning, City Pages: 41 (11648 words) Published: March 13, 2012
University Ss. Cyril and Methodius
Faculty of Economics

Marketing Management Project Activities in the Local Economic Development Sector

Graduation paper for the course Marketing Management

Mentor: Student: PhD. Anita Ciunova-Shuleska Bogeva Sofija 50300

03 February 2011

What is Local Economic Development?4
What is the purpose of the LED?6
What LED encompasses and where are LED strategies pursued?6 How do you achieve LED?7
Urban Marketing8
The Role of Urban Marketing in the Local Economic Development8 Urban Marketing Definitions9
Urban Marketing Success Factors10
How Political element effects Urban Marketing15
Preliminary conditions for implementing the urban marketing processes15 Local Economic Development in Macedonia18
LED team and its role18
"PINOVO – JENA – KOZHUF INTEGRATED FIRE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM"19 Introduction in the project programme19
What is the area of the Programme?21
Programme funding21
How to develop a project idea/proposal?22
Main features of projects24
Submission of Proposals and Project Selection28
Project Implementation Manual30
Marketing activities during the whole process from searching to finalizing a project31 CONCLUSION35


This graduation paper describes the main marketing management activities undertaken for the project "PINOVO – JENA – KOZHUF INTEGRATED FIRE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" in the sector for Local Economic Development in Kavadarci, Macedonia.

The paper starts with a brief explanation of what Local Economic Development is, why it’s important for cities to develop Local Economic Development strategies, what LED encompasses, where LED strategies can be used and how can be achieved success in LED. In Macedonia this process of developing LED strategies is continually developing whereas in United States and some West European countries the same process is moving to another level, using the advantages of Urban Marketing as an indispensable element within the strategies for LED.

This is what we are going to talk about in the next part, about Urban Marketing, factors for success, some good practices and the process needed to complete in order to do successful implementation.

Later we are going to give retrospection on the situation in Macedonia at the moment with an emphasis on the Local Economic Development and talk about the main role of the LED sector in the country.

This graduation paper also cover one real example of how the LED sector is filling the city budget and improve the living standard by participating in project development for LED. In short explains the management process from searching to preparing the project and describes the main marketing activities which is undertaking for the project.

This paper in total is not to show that LED strategies and marketing activities must be perused, but to raise the awareness for the need of LED strategies and marketing activities for developing local welfare, improving the economy and the living standard in the new era of globalization, and increased global competition and to move step forward and stat using this new LED component, Urban Marketing.


All around the world, local governments, the private sector and civil society are demanding better ways to achieve local economic development, a cornerstone of sustainable development. This is due to the fact that local governments face increased democratic reforms and greater decentralization at the same time as massive transformations are taking place in the global economy resulting from trade...
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