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1.1. Background
Humanity has three basic needs to fulfill their life, which are food, shelter and clothes. While talking about clothes, it will lead to fashion. Fashion is a form of art to make a statement regarding their identity in the economics, political and social system. This term is an important role in society to distinguish or to make a statement about who we really are.

Art, fashion and clothing are related and can affect one another. By the development of social culture, the basic need has evolved in such a way, that clothing is not just worn to give physical warmth; but also to show self-image. Fashion is not only effect the clothing but it also affects our daily life.

There are two main types of approaching production and garment design, which are haute couture, or also known as high dressmaking; and the other one is pret-aporter that is known as ready-to-wear. As the development of industries, there appear to be more subsidiary categories like luxury super brands, mid-level brands and independent designers labels.


  Independent designers labels usually work with a small team, a few masterminds, to be precise, that control design, sampling, production, promotion and sales. After that, they will distribute their product to the retail or department store.

Fashion in Indonesia is very affected with the west culture and that makes the people in Indonesia tend to buy the international brands. This west culture flooded after the Soekarno’s regime in 1960s. In that time, the fashion industry starts to grow and slowly affected by the west culture. This may lead to the brand oriented behavior. By seeing that problem, some people try to make an independent local brands and try to compete with those international brands by creating product that is great in design and quality. The price range of the products also can be competitive with the competitor.

Independent local brand in Indonesia...
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