Lobes of the Brain

Topics: Cerebrum, Frontal lobe, Cerebral cortex Pages: 6 (860 words) Published: May 22, 2013

SAC #1
“Biological bases of behaviour”


Duration: 50 minutes

This test is worth 60 marks.

It is broken up into two sections:

|SECTION |No. of questions |Marks allocated | |Multiple choice |30 |30 | |Short answer |10 |30 |

All answers are to written on the test.


Multiple-choice questions (circle the correct response)

1.Which of the following statements about the cerebral cortex is correct? AIt can be subdivided into four hemispheres.
BIt is convoluted (‘wrinkly’), which decreases its surface area. CIt is sometimes referred to as the ‘old brain’.
DIt is approximately 2 to 6 mm thick.

2.Both the left and right hemispheres are connected by a bundle of nerve fibres known as the Aconnecting neural fibres.
Bcortical lobes.
Ccorpus callosum.
Dcerebral cortex.

3.While Kate is surfing she is ‘dumped’ by a big wave, resulting in her hitting the back of her head on the surfboard. Afterwards she describes how she experiences blind spots in her vision. The most likely reason for her symptoms is damage to her Aparietal lobe.

Boccipital lobe.
Cfrontal lobe.
Dtemporal lobe.

4.The right hemisphere is the right half of the cerebrum, which predominantly controls Anon-verbal functions.
Bverbal functions.
Clanguage processing.
Dlanguage production.

5.The somatosensory cortex is an area in each of the
Afrontal lobes.
Bparietal lobes.
Coccipital lobes.
Dtemporal lobes.

6.The case study of Phineas Gage suggests that which of the following lobes regulates our personality and strongly influences much of what make us unique as humans? Aparietal

7.Hemispheric specialisation refers to the localisation and dominance of certain brain functions to either the left hemisphere or the right hemisphere. Which of the following functions is not a specialised function performed predominantly by the left hemisphere? Arecognition of faces and patterns

Bsequential processing
Clanguage processing
Dlogical thinking

8.A brain scan reveals that Jane has sustained damage to Wernicke’s area due to a fall that resulted in her hitting her head. Which of the following symptoms is consistent with damage to this region of the brain? Jane may not be able to

Arecognise familiar faces she should know.
Bappreciate works of art.
Cunderstand what people are saying.
Dproduce clear and fluent speech.

9.Which of the following ethical considerations in research ensures that any information gathered about a participant during research must not be revealed without that person’s consent? Avoluntary participation

Binformed consent
Cpatient confidentiality

10. Someone who has suffered damage to Broca’s area of the cortex would be likely to show which of the following symptoms? Ainability to produce fluent speech sounds.
Binability to concentrate for extended periods.
Cdifficulty in attending to objects in the right visual field. DDifficulty in producing fine motor coordination movements.

11. Which part of the somatosensory cortex would have the largest representation for the following parts of the body? Amouth, lips and tongue
Barms and hands

12. Representation of the body on the motor cortex is
Afeet represented near the ears, and the face near the crown of the head B face, lips, mouth, hands, arms, trunk, legs, feet – from the ears to the crown of the head Clargest for the hands and feet

Dtrunk, head, arms, legs – from the ears to the crown of the head

13. Tasks that are associated with the right...
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