Lobbing Congress

Topics: Religion, Regulation, Psychology Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: October 19, 2010
Lobbying Congress|
Estelle Stevens HSM 230 Kevin Bottomley| October 14, 2010|

Human services organizations have a mission to help improve the quality of life for those who need their services. If congress passes the bill to regulate the terms and conditions in which certain environment standers that makes human services organization run effectively and efficiently will cause the delivery of service to be complex and bureaucratic and will potentially reduce the quality of care to clients. Every client has the need to have individual care and with regulations the care of each client will be limited. This will cause the human services agencies hands to be tied in certain situations and the quality of care will be at risk. There needs to a wide freedom of care that the organization will be able to give to the client to ensure that the most quality care is given. Because each case requires its own special attention the each client needs should be respected pertaining to their cultural beliefs and religious beliefs. Having set regulations will cause higher rates in services that are normally discounted and the service to the client and reduces funds that were available to the client many of the organization are already tight on funds and this will only make it more difficult to assist clients. The regulation will also create delays in services to the clients who may be in need of immediate service. If congress assigns an oversight body it may contradict the mission of the organization and take away power from these organization to help implement change in the community.
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