Load Shedding

Topics: Solar energy, Solar power, Energy conservation Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: May 27, 2012

Out Line
1- Load-Shedding of electricity--------------a common feature in Pakistan. A- Both in winter and summer
B- Scheduled and unscheduled
ii - Factures behind Load-Shedding
A- Low generation of electricity
B- Shortage of rains and water
C- Corruption and ineffleiency in Wapda.
D- Fewer Dams
E- New Connections
iii- Disadvantages
A- Untold Misery
B- Low production and progress
C- Damage to equipments
D- Thefs and robberis
E- Protest and violence
iv- Some Suggestions
A- Construetion of new dams
B- Over having of Wapda
C- Use of atomic and solar energy.
D- Proper use of electricity

v- Conclusion: we must end load shedding to let Pakistan make progress in very field of life. ESSAY
Load-Shedding of electricity has become a common feature in Pakistan. Whether it is winter or summer. Shedding or unscheduled sometimes with disguised name like load-managerment is here. The unsheduled one is the worst because is cause untold problems and hardship to every one. The misery, pain and torture the whole country. Expect the privileged one suffers during every summer due to load-shedding is evident to all.

Searee rains, shortage in river water, low generation and high consumption of electricity, new connections to villages and factories, fewer dams power theft and line losses are said to be the contribulings factors behind load-shedding. However, people call them lame excuse. They feel that load-shedding is the result of corruption, inefficiency, mismanagement and defective planning in wapda. Then little generation of electricity from atomic and solar energy, poor use of available resources, lack of provincial consensus and the general apathy of the government contribute to load-shedding. Sometimes the genii of load shedding is unleashed on the excuse of repair-work that unlocking for the people continues throughout the year.

Load shedding causes...
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