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Question 1 (a)

If I was Sivasothie, I will object the arranged marriage made by my family because I know that arranged marriage will not last longer even though it was parent choice. There were lack of love and respect between husband and wife when we married with someone which we do not know well. Furthermore, there was also the danger of arranged marriage which the husband will act violent towards his wife and to be worse the wife was too afraid to speak out. In Sivasothie’s situation, her future husband was materialistic. As he works as a doctor, the value of dowry that he wanted was too high that cannot be afford by Sivasothie, plus he did not wanted to be considerate with her family at all. In this case, it shows that a woman pride was very low because she cannot afford to pay the dowry for the man, just because of the arranged marriage made by their family.

Question 1 (b)
If I was the American girl, I will have a slow talk with my husband to improve our relationship. Maybe it was hard to have a slow talk as my husband was too cold, but I will try to change and improve the situation to save my marriage or else my relationship with him will become worse. The love between us is fading and it will die if I do not take any action on it. A marriage with no love was meaningless because we were living with our partner everyday and there will be lack of intimacy. It was okay if our husband was not care about us too much. We do not have to be emotional towards our husband because it will destroy the marriage that we build. Hence, we need to make things better and save the marriage from divorced. Tolerate between each other is important so that our relationship will last longer.
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