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By | October 2012
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Before the Missouri compromise America was in debate whether to let Missouri become apart of the Union and how the slaves would be dealt with. In 1820, the Missouri Compromise gave America a way to settle the differences and pick a decision. The impacts the Missouri Compromise have politically are it created a balance in legislation, the impact economically was it made it so there were not too many states based on agriculture or too many states based on manufacturing, and Socially impacted America by dividing the states into a “North” and “South”. The Missouri Compromise created a plan where there were not too many new states become slave states and not too many states become free states. An example of that was when the Union let Missouri become a part of it they added Maine too, adding one slave state and one free state. The reason why the Union planned on adding two states at a time was to prevent one side from having more votes, and more say in the decisions America make. A situation that could happen is if there were more slave states they would vote on lowering taxes on agricultural goods and raise them on manufactured goods. The Compromise impacted America in a good way because it balanced out legislation and so that one side would not overrule the other. The Missouri Compromise also helped America's economy by keeping it balanced too. It made it so there were not too many states based on agriculture or too many states based on manufacturing. This affected the states that wanted slaves and states that didn’t want slaves. The states that wanted to be agriculture would need slaves and the states without slaves would become manufacturing. The economically impact had similar results as political impacts and the Compromise kept the Union from being unbalanced. It was important to keep the states balanced so that it would not hurt the economy by leaning more on agriculture or leaning more on manufacturing, having both equally in the Union benefitted America...

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