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Many Harvest Moon games allow your Character to take his/her time in restoring a Farm and bringing prosperity to the neighbouring village and Land. Hero of Leaf Valley, as the name implies, is NOT one of those games. Similar in its goal to 'Save the Homeland', your Character has two years to save the Land from the ambitions of a corporation with the ambition of transforming the area into an enormous Funpark.

To do this, you can save 50,000G and purchase the land from the Funland Company, transform it into a Nature Preserve in order to protect rare, endangered species or transform the area into a desirable Tourist destination.

If you choose to pursue the first Story Quest, it is not sufficient to have the necessary funds in order to succeed. You must be able to defeat the series of Robots that are sent into various locations at various times by the Funpark Corporation as well.

In fact, most of the main Events in the 'Shoot for the Stars: The Greatest Farm in the World!' will be experienced automatically by your Character, whether or not you have any intention of trying to earn sufficient income to buy the land from the Funpark Corporation. The threat of development of the land by the Funpark Corporation is the main Story of 'Hero of Leaf Valley' after all.

If you wish to court Alice, you need to be able to persuade her to stay in Leaf Valley. The primary method for doing this is linked to the successful conclusion of the 'Shoot for the Stars: The Greatest Farm in the World!' Quest.

After saving the land, you can continue your life in Leaf Valley without any strict requirements to meet further specific goals. In this respect as in the ability to court an Eligible Girl and pursue other activities, Hero of Leaf Valley differs from 'Save the Homeland'.

There are 16 different 'Story Quests' or main storylines in Hero of Leaf Valley. These are:

Shoot for the Stars: The Greatest Farm in the World!

Tale of the Golden...
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