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Topics: Fraud, Crime, Theft Pages: 4 (1193 words) Published: April 6, 2013
1. Miller fits the average fraud perpetrator profile like do most Americans. Individuals, who commit white collar crimes such as fraud or embezzlement, look like your everyday working man or woman. They are dedicated, hardworking and trusted employees with no prior criminal record. They are well liked and respected members of the community. Miller is slightly different in the respect that the case did not specify that he possessed any extensive computer skills or knowledge other than that required in his accounting duties. In addition, it did not specify his age on the first offence but did state that his crimes took place over a 20 year period, leading the reader to believe that he was not younger, and that towards the end, lived above his means. Miller’s motivations were not specified in this case but do not appear to be that of a disgruntled employee. His remorse also indicates that it was not done out of malice or for sport. These differences made Miller difficult to detect because the majority of the white collared working force fit this profile. It is even harder to detect since once caught, Miller was never prosecuted for any previous crimes nor was the motivation behind these crimes of the typical profile. 2. Pressure

Pressure is what causes a person to commit fraud. Pressure can include almost anything including medical bills, expensive tastes, addiction problems, etc. Most of the time, pressure comes from a significant financial need/problem. Often this need/problem is non-sharable in the eyes of the fraudster. That is, the person believes, for whatever reason, that their problem must be solved in secret. However, some frauds are committed simply out of greed alone. In Millers case, the pressure appeared to be emotional. He stated that he had this strong need to be liked, like an addiction, which by stealing this money and being generous would make him liked more. Opportunity

Opportunity is the ability to commit fraud. Because fraudsters don’t...
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