Topics: Baseball, Fielder's choice, Pitcher Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Baseball is a sport which involves two teams made up of, more or less, nine players. A baseball game is played on what we call a baseball field. Baseball is has been called the bat-and-ball game, in which a pitcher throws the baseball as fast and hard as he can and the batter tries to make contact with the baseball. Hitting a baseball requires hand-eye coordination. The players in the outfield attempt to catcher the ball before the batter reaches home base. I have played the game of baseball since I was six years old. Even at this age, it was considered a late start. Although I had played Tee-ball for a few years, baseball didn’t seem to really interest me until around fifth grade. When I first started playing I wasn’t that good, but I kept working extremely hard on just the fundamentals. I had my rough times and injuries throughout the years, however, the older I got the more talent I stated to developed. After two seasons I made my first all-star appearance as a catcher, and sent then it has been showcase and baseball camps every weekend for the past nine years. Between all the traveling and early games which lead to playing baseball all day on long almost every Saturday. For me my family support has been essential and has always been motivation to strive to play at the top level. Over the course of these years my parents were always busy taking my teammates and I to games and practices. Although my father was the head coach, it was my mother who did majority of the transportation. She often had to reschedule her entire work and school schedule around my practices and games. The team mother was often what she was called. Often my little brother would tag along to games and practices. He would sometimes have the opportunity to practice with the older boys when he could, which in the long run allowed him to become an awesome player himself. Baseball taught me about hard work and commitment. I had to work hard and stay committed. Many times I wanted to quit, but...
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