Lizzie Receives from Mr Collins and Mr Darcy

Topics: Pride and Prejudice, Marriage, Elizabeth Bennet Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Write a comparison of the two proposals Lizzie receives from Mr Collins and Mr Darcy

Lizzie’s view of Mr Collins is that is a very proud and boastful man. He is more interested in his own position and success than the feelings of other people. She therefore does not like Mr Colllins, and would not consider marriage to him as a possibility. She is under pressure from her Mother to get married, but her feelings towards him are so negative so would not consider it. Her feelings for Mr Darcy are more complicated. He is attractive, but is vain and arrogant. She is put off by this, but also because he has acted in a manner which has affected many people in a negative way, such as: Mr Wickham, Jane and Mr Bingley. If he was more benevolent and kind, she might consider trying to be friends but as he is not, she thinks very ‘ill of him’. The two proposals made to Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice are very similar as both insult Lizzie. As Mr Collins is a boorish character, he offends Lizzie by impulsively exclaiming that Lady Catherine de Bourgh had said his wife ‘must be active, a useful sort of person, not brought up high’ which is suggesting he picked her as she was born into a lower gentry family and she is useful to have because she can be told what to do and she will do it. Lizzie is more ambitious than this stereotype and would not consider marriage to someone who thought that was the role of a wife. Mr Darcy also causes offense in his proposal as he refers to her lifestyle as ‘so decidedly beneath my own’. This gets Lizzie even angrier than she is already as he criticises her social status. In addition Mr Darcy damaged Mr Bingley and Jane’s relationship because the Bennet family were in a different social class. Lizzie also knows Jane is a timid person but Mr Darcy does not know this and takes this shyness as arrogance and superiority. As a result of this Mr Darcy does not consider...
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