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Topics: Terrorism, English-language films, War Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: February 20, 2012
Venus Solis
English 102
Essay 1 Rough Draft

In our society today we are led to believe that we are living in a world of violence and terror, we are constantly being bombarded with everything bad that is happening in our world. While we might think that we are living in one of the most violent times, we are wrong. In reality “organized violence in the world has actually decreased in the last 2 decades” says Fareed Zakaria, author of The Post American World. Media plays into a huge factor as to why we believe we are living in such a violent world, we are constantly watching live broadcasts of terrorist attacks, people dying and everything else awful that is going on. If we look back to the 1990’s and the war in Congo, millions of people died, but was it being broadcast throughout the world? No. We as a society need to take a deeper look into our history and realize how much progress our world has actually made.

If we look back 20-30 years ago media was not what it is today, we are constantly being surrounded by footage of wars, bomb explosions and natural disasters. Everything we see is constantly being exaggerated and turned into the next big scare. In reality there have been plenty of worse scares in the world we just didn’t have the technology to broadcast it around the world.

How media and war are related and how its effecting people
The rise and fall of Al Qaeda
The decrease in organized war in the last 2 decades
Likelihood that you would actually die from organized violence Reality: “Human nature remains what it is and international Politics what it is”.
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