Living with Your Parents

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Would you allow your grown up kids to return home? The dream of most teenagers is to be eighteen and move out of the house, but once this happens they may find out that things are not like the thought they would be. Moving back to the nest may have many benefits, but there is also a price you will have to pay.

Parents are always happy to help and take care of their kids. One of the biggest benefits is that parents will charge little or not rent at all, and this will help you save enough money to stand on your two feet again or even buy your own house. Not having to come home to an empty place might also be a good thing, when you come home every night and there is someone to talk about how your day went. Also not having to do the laundry or cook for yourself are some of the advantages of living with your parents. Is like living in a five star hotel for free. Also, you get to spend more time with your parents and siblings, and there is nothing like been around the people you love.

However, not everything is a benefit when you go back to live with you parents. There are also some drawbacks. Losing your independence is one of them. You will have to abide by your parents rules again, when you moved out to live by yourself you did what you wanted to do, but that is a thing of the past when you return home. Perhaps you used to bring friends to stay overnight. But now you might not be allowed to do that at your parents’ house. Another negative point is that people may look at you differently because you are a grown up and still living with your parents.

In conclusion, returning to live with your parents might be the be the best thing to do if you are facing economic problems, but try not to get so comfortable with all the benefits you will get. Remember that decision also have its disadvantages.
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