Living with Thrombocytopenia

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Living With Thrombocytopenia
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about Thrombocytopenia. Central Idea: Thrombocytopenia is a condition that must be monitored and can greatly impact a person’s life. Introduction
I. Life for a lot of people is full of the daily tasks, getting children up and ready for school, going to work, and paying bills. But for some, life is also challenging when they have a medical problem.

A. Many people this day and age have a vast range of medical problems and diseases.
b. Some of these problems can become life threatening, which leads many Americans to go to the doctor when they feel there is something wrong. II. Today, I will be discussing one specific condition known as Thrombocytopenia. Body

I. Thrombocytopenia is a blood condition where the body does not contain the normal range of blood platelets. II. Thrombocytopenia can have a vast range of symptoms and physical changes to the body.

a. You may continually bruise with the smallest impact to the body. III. Causes
a. Some people can contract this condition hereditarily.
b. Some people can have this condition and it may not be hereditary. IV. Diagnosis
V. Treatment
I. Through this information, Thrombocytopenia has been explained as a difficult, and sometimes bothersome condition, but with treatment and proper safety, a person can live a normal and stress free life. There will always be someone out there with this condition whether it is a small inconvenience, or if it is an extreme health risk on a daily basis. One thing can be certain for sure, this condition can be treated once a person seeks help.
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