Living with Abandonment

Topics: Family, Death, Abandonment Pages: 1 (410 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Living with Abandonment
Porter paints a picture of an elderly woman that has faced much desertion, but persevered through it all. She relates how the pain and abandonment has plagued the life of “Granny Weatherall.” The name alone gives us indication that she faced many issues that didn’t defeat her but she “weathered all.” The story appears to be told by Granny’s account of her life moving between past and present episodes. Her thoughts seemed to be disoriented at times leading us to ponder between a memory and an actual happening event. The plot is in her daughter Cornelia’s bedroom where she referenced the blue silk lampshades. The happenings are in the 1920’s and her memory brought her back as early as the 1800’s remembering her dad and his longevity. Granny is lying in bed facing death with her children, also a young doctor Harry as well as her Priest, Father Connolly at her side. One of the most jilting experiences is that of George a man that deserted her on the day they were to be married. She also felt abandoned by her husband John, the father of her children whom passed away apparently when the children were of young age. Her daughter Hapsy , the story suggest to be her favorite died at an early age, this left scares of desertion. The sickness is unknown to us, but she is an eighty year old woman that has seen some of life’s worst and never abandoned her post. On her death bed reflections she seems optimistic about her life; she reflects about how good a job she did raising her children. Her relationship with her daughter Cornelia is that she is too kind and suspicious; at times she wants to spank her for being so good. Jimmy and Lydia, Granny’s son and daughter are mention briefly in the story but not that of importance. She does prepare herself for death by visiting all her kids and grandkids at the age 60. Finally her illness which may be a direct result of her repression of memories has left her to face her final loss, that of her own life. She...
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