Living the Dream

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Living the Dream

The Philippines is drawing closer to its government elections for 2010. Once again, there will be another breed of politicians armed with the latest political mantra. They will come out again from their comfort zones to make wonderful speeches and draft well-crafted platforms of governance, leading the people to believe that they both have a common goal. But history tells us time and again, once they are elected; they do their very best not by addressing the pressing issues of the country, but instead – cement themselves in their rocking chairs.

In the exercise of their right of suffrage, the people chose them to be leaders who would lead them to their aspirations, to progress and eventually lead them to a brighter future. However, such faith proved the Filipinos were mistaken. In the final analysis, politicians crushed their dreams. They who hold the power by the people’s mandate prioritized their own personal interest. In the national scene, the senate and the congress argue with each other instead of working together for the interest of the people. Ego and pride gets within the way – compromising the common goal of making our country a better place. Are Filipinos like this? What about us, KCCians? Do we prefer being divided than being united?

Kabankalan Catholic College has a dream in store for us – the dream of unity. By unity, I feel and see the presence of teamwork and the spirit of camaraderie. And today, we are again given the chance to prove that not all Filipinos especially KCCians prefer being divided.

The Intramurals is an avenue not only for competition but also for teamwork, friendship and harmony. It is not just ports but also an art designed to create and channel peace. The intramurals is not about being the best among the rest but being the best for each other. His is an event where KCC lives the dream. We can achieve the dream by working together as one. We can make it come true by holding o the values of being one...
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