Living on Your Own Versus Living with Parents

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  • Published : November 27, 2010
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Living on your own versus living with your parents

Professor McAdams
South University

Should you live at home or get your own apartment? This is a big question and decision among young adults today. With both there are many ups and downs, but many do not realize this at the time. There are many responsibilities for a young adult either way. Living alone versus living with their parents is totally different, and the young adult needs to think about everything before they make their decision. Living alone versus living with your parents is completely different. Living alone sounds, fun, no rules, no parents, doing whatever you want to do when you want to do it. On the other hand you will have to keep a full-time job to pay your rent, food, and utilities. Which most young adults don’t know how or won’t cook for themselves which means they spend more money on fast food. If the young adults stay at home they can still have a full time job and save that money for their future or even help their parents with the bills. Young adults that live on their own have the freedom to do as they want when they want, not have to worry about asking permission or telling anyone where they’re going or when they will be back unlike if they lived with their parents and out of respect they do so. However, young adults that live on their own tent to get bored by themselves and start bad habits like drinking, smoking or maybe drugs. With starting those could lead to lower school grades, poor work ethics which could lead to dropping classes or even dropping out of school all together and losing their job. Consider your finances; this is probably the biggest and the most common factor for students choosing to stay at home. The cost of living in a dorm or apartment is just too much to handle for some students, as well as the cost of food and other expenses that home life normally provides (i.e. laundry, toiletries, and clothes). While there may be some extra costs in...
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