Living on Campus Versus Living Off Campus

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3 April 2013
Compare and Contrast Essay
Living on Campus Versus Living off Campus
Everybody has their own reasons as to why they should live on or off campus. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages that make both a viable solution for where to live while in college. The most important factors to weigh in making the decision are cost, transportation, and independence. Here are some quick comparisons to give a student the ends and outs of both sides so that they can make an informed decision on what choice is appropriate for their life. There are definite pros and cons to either choice.

The biggest advantage of living on campus is that all of a student’s needs are paid for. According to Ball State University, Ball State Housing and Residence Life offers students the benefits that come from being close to classes and activities, living and learning from friends, making better grades, and getting involved in a community. They also offer semiprivate bathrooms, in- house computer labs, low-cost laundry areas, fitness centers, study lounges, free cable TV, fast wired and wireless computer connections, and meal cards for three meals a day (Ball State University). Some people believe that students should live off campus because off campus housing is more beneficial for students than campus living, not only in terms of freedom but also comfort.

A student will not have to follow as many rules if they choose to live off campus. Living in a person own apartment or shared house will typically have more space and can offer more privacy than a dorm room. A person’s own place means new responsibilities, such as cleaning up around the house, paying utility bills and being a responsible renter. Residence halls have several rules that students must abide by when living on campus. These rules are usually designed for the overall protection and safety of the residents. Living off campus will give students the freedom from those rules and allow them to set...
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