Living in a Flat or a House?

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Living in a flat or a house?
Some people prefer to live in a flat, while there are more advantage to live in a house. Are there more advantage than disadvantage of living in a house compared with living in flat? Yes,there are more advantages living in a house than in a flat. My first point is people like to have there privacy. As a example some people like to listen loud music,in a flat they can't listen music as they wish. Other things is people found difficulty to hang their clothes because flat spaces are limited or some time they have to shear space with neighbors. People can't make their privacy party.

My second point is there is always a garden space in house thana flat. Some people wish to plant and they like to set in a garden and chat with their family members. Also their children have more space to play.

Other point is in a house there is driving parking yard in the house, also they can park more than one vehicle in their yard. My next point is most people like to have a pet. Living in house they will be free to have pets. In a flat very difficult to have pets. Living in a house building expansion possibilities are there. People can build additional room, Bath room or can expansion living room or kitchen as they wish or they can rebuild.  Living in a flat people can't expansion.

My last point is living in a flat most of the time uneasy to living access older people or sick people difficult to claim the staircases. Also difficult to move new furniture and other item. Finally my opinion is living in a house more advantage than living in a flat.

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