Living in a Flat and a House

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  • Published : March 15, 2012
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I decided to compare living in a flat and living in a house, because I moved from a flat to a house a couple of months ago. This fact inspired me to write about the differences between these two places. I definitely love living in a house more, but nothing is only white and black. Equally living in a flat and living in a house have their pros and cons. Living in a flat is quite comfortable and one doesn´t have much worries. You do not have to bother with for instance hot water, heating or gardening. If a problem appears, there is an easy way how to figure that out. All you need is to call your caretaker. On the other hand, living in a house brings in far more responsibilities. One needs to make sure that things work as they should all the time. In case something breaks down, you have to pay all the charges connected with repairs while the final amount of money for any repair work in a flat is divided by the number of renters of a whole housing unit. Time is another issue I am going to mention. In general, flats are situated in  towns while houses, most of them, are situated in villages. When living in a flat, one spends only a little time travelling to work, school, hospital or city center whereas when living in a village is more consumptive of time and money as well. Besides all the negative facts about living in a house mentioned above, there are also several pluses. Firstly, a house is usually bigger than a flat which simply means more rooms and more privacy for all the members of a family. Unfortunatelly, I can´t say the same about a flat. According to my own experience, I had to share a room with my two younger brothers because our flat wasn´ big enough for five people. Although, it was a 3 room flat which is considered to be the bigger one. Another advantage of living in a house is the connection with nature which of course misses when living in a flat. Instead of breathing tons of smog I can...
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