Living in a Big City

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Living in a big city

Some people prefer living in a small town while others prefer living in a large city. I think there are far more advantages living in a large city then there is in living in a small town. Some example would be more options in transportation, more entertainment, and more job opportunities.

Firstly, the stronger point of big city that small town lacks in is the public transportation. Most of small towns do not give a lot of access to various vehicles. On the other hand, it is widely known that big city often offers more choices of public transportation than the small town. For example, big cities such as Vancouver, the subway run twenty-four hours for seven days a week and also there are numerous numbers of taxi and bus which spread to every area. As a result, people can go everywhere they want easily with public transportation. This is very help for elders who no longer can drive and need another form of transportation to get around.

In addition to public transportation, access to greater entertainment facility is  another positive aspect of living in a big city. There is entertainment on every corner you go! From fancy restaurants having live bands, to night clubs, and watching live sports, you would always find something new and entertaining and you will never be bored! For example in a small town like St.Thomas you will never see a live concert or any famous people around because they usually go to the bigger cities were there’s a bigger audience. The same goes to the live sports usually big finals or exiting games happen in bigger cities like Toronto where there is more fans to cheer them on. Also in any given day that you want to hang out with your friend there’s always endless fun things you can do in a big city like going to one of the best night club available or a fancy restaurant. This shows clearly that the entertainment facility in the big city provides more convenience and self-indulgence to people that...
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