Living in the Dorm

Topics: Learning, Interpersonal relationship, Skill Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Living in the dormitory

Living in the dormitory taught me a valuable experience that I have ever had since I entered to my university. Firstly, I had more chances to get acquainted with many good and funny friends. At the same ages, we usually had same thinking about this world. Therefore, not only did they smile with me when I was happy, but also they shared and gave me useful advices when I was sad. Besides sharing feeling, I could also learn much knowledge from my friends, especially my roommates. They would be willing to help me whenever I had difficulty in studying. In addition, I could take part in many compelling activities during the time living in the dormitory. Because of considering to the students’ lives, the dormitory held many clubs. It was lucky for me to be able to improve myself thanks to academic clubs such as soft skill club, English club, volunteer club, etc. Besides, art ones were also attracted in the dormitory like Judo club, Karate club, dance sport club, etc. To improve my physical and mental health, I usually participated in yoga club every week. Finally, I could learn some soft skills at coping with a large number of difficult problems in relationships. I needed to apply these skills to keep all of relationships, including friendship, in balance because everyone had their own characteristic. In conclusion, the stimulating experience with having more friends, participating in helpful activities and learning to deal with trouble in relationship made me more mature.
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