Living in Fear

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  • Topic: Cultivation theory, Mind, Mean World Syndrome
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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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Dave, did you hear what the news just said about that woman who…? I interject. No grandma what did the news have to say this time? My grandmother has become just another casualty to television's over exaggerated statistics and fictional stories. Recently widowed, my grandma has been getting progressively worse. As is with most elderly people, the television plays a very big role in her daily activities. I would have to say that the TV has become "a member of the family." It is for this reason that my grandmother now lives in fear. This fear unfortunately has taken away my grandmother’s confidence in herself and those around her. Unless she is going to the grocery store or the church around the corner, she seldom ever leaves her apartment. She believes that everyone is out to "get" her one way or another; her trust in people is not what it once was. Heavy television watchers are prone to this behavior. As Gerbner's Cultivation Theory suggests, minds that are immersed in heavy television watching grow fearful thoughts. Gerbner named this occurrence the mean world syndrome, whereas people who watch considerable amounts of television believe that the world is an unsafe and dangerous place. Gerbner also concluded that these viewers believe they are more apt to violent crimes, fear walking alone at night, and have a general mistrust in people. My grandma fits this profile. The fearful thoughts arise primarily because of the violent images being strewn across the screen numerous times per showing. Over time and depending upon the amount of television exposure, our minds are cultivated into believing that this is how the world really is. These violent shows and newscasts instill in us insecurity and social paranoia about the world around us. Is there hope that one day the content of favorite shows will change? I think in time we will see a decline. However, for the time being, these programs are not going to tone it down. Violence and fear add dramatic effect to the...
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