Living in Droms vs Student Housing

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  • Published : July 20, 2008
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Living In Dormitories for Collage Students

I believe living in a college dormitory or student housing facility is a very good

thing for students. There are many benefits for students who stay on campus in student

housing dormitories. Typically, dormitories are less expensive for students as opposed to

them living in a traditional apartment. If students live in apartments than most likely they

will have to work a job so they can maintain their apartment. This will take away from

the time they use toward school which can cause their grades to drop. Being closer to

school is another benefit that dormitories have. These are just a few positive benefits that

go along with being able to live in a student dormitory. In this paper I will explain why I

support dormitories.
The main reason I support student dormitories is because it allows

students the opportunity to interact with many different types of people from all over the

world while also building friendships. Living in a multi-cultural student dormitory

provides an environment where students learn about many different personalities that

people have. Students will also learn how to interact with people with different

backgrounds which will benefit them once they graduate and enter the working world.

The interaction with other dormitory residents will also help the students build

friendships. I feel having friendships is another very important aspect of student life

especially for those students who are homesick. It is important for students who are

stressed or facing difficult times to have positive friends around them so that they can

talk to one another or vent and overcome the situation.

Another reason why I support student dormitories is because it’s easier for the students to

afford rather than renting an apartment. Colleges offer many grants and loans in order to

help the students who don’t qualify for 100%...
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