Living Iin the City

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Thesis Statement: Living in the city can be stressful due to several reasons.

Living in the city with many of simplicity is what people searched for nowadays. It is the place where every person can access to the civilization easily. Almost everything can be obtained in the city such as shopping mall, café, hypermarket, boutique, club and etc. But on the top of that, living in the city also can be stressful due to several reasons. The first reason is the environment in the city is ‘loud and crowded’. It is not in the term of voice, but more to the term of the bustle in the city. Everyday people will be confronted by traffic jam early in the morning and traffic jam again after work, because most of the people in the city own a vehicle. The next reason is people in the city is more self-centered or the more formal term, individualism. Actually, it is not because of their characteristic but because of the compulsion from the environment. For example people live in suburb will have more friendly side of them and tend to help each other but it is rare to find people in the city with a friendly face and helping each other. Furthermore, living in the city can make people adopt materialism and/or hedonism lifestyle. It is almost certainly will happen because of the situation in the big city where luxurious things is a marker for people social status. In conclusion, living in the city gives a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages. It is up to every individual to choose how to live their life; whether they use that disadvantages and turn it into their own advantages or vice versa.
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