Living Authentically

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Living Authentically
In this day in age living authentically and trying to please everyone continues to become harder and harder. Although “living authentically” and overcoming the collective consciousness of everyone is more common than uncommon nowadays. Many people definitely live the lives of Napoleon Dynamite and Harry Block. People have plenty of opportunities to do what they want and it’s their choice what they make of the things they do.

Napoleon Dynamite lives his life authentically while he is very aware of his purpose on the Earth. It is in a humorous way obviously since the movie was a comedy but regardless he doesn’t try to be someone he’s not. He makes the most out of what he has and shows that he knows his role in society and that he may not ever be as successful as others but he is living his true life. An authentic life is when you are living an authentic life if you feel you are in control and you are determining your own direction. Your work is a natural outlet for your creativity, your interests and your abilities. Napoleon is a creative guy and finds a way to make the most out of everything.

It is very important to be authentic in a sense. We are living longer than ever before. One hundred years ago we wouldn’t even be having this conversation since the average lifespan was barely mid-forties. There are more opportunities than ever before to recreate our lives and our work. When we work without purpose and without meaning, our lives grow empty and lifeless. Each day is just like the previous day and the cycle continues until we retire and die. We live for tomorrow; just 2 more years, or 6 more years, or 10 more years at our miserable jobs until we’ve saved enough money to finally stop. We’re not sure what we will do but we know it won’t be anything like what we are doing now. Then sadly, life gets in the way, and something happens to block our hopes and dreams of a more fulfilling life.

In our short life span it is crucial to get the...
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