Living Apart Together

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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A “Living Apart Together”
‘Living Apart Together’, also known as the term L.A.T., is a new trend that has spread across the world. It has been perceived differently, and some might claim it is a result of a stresses everyday life, where time alone and selfishness is missing. LAT could give you a chance of being in a well function relationship, and still be away from your partner. The more negative perception of it is that people think it shows a lack of commitment, and it is a way to run from the problems. I think it is an unrivalled opportunity to be committed to a relationship, but also to yourself. Couples there are living after the LAT term, can pursue both the intimacy of being a couple together, and at the same time conserve autonomy. “LAT setup can be seen across a wide range of ages and socioeconomic backgrounds, and is becoming increasingly understood and socially accepted.” The arguments listed below, are a few of the positive and negative in the debate of Living Apart Together. In the second text appear quite different views on the ‘L.A.T.’ A clinical social worker, Jeanette Lofas, advocates living apart. “(…) because blended families are so vulnerable to internecine resentments and power struggles.” Another expressive person who says his opinion is professor Popnoe. He acknowledges the living apart together makes sense for some people. He mentions the elderly or divorced people, but for others he is afraid that an L.A.T relationship might weaken their ability to create a long-term relationship. He also claim that it’s the younger couples who turn to ‘living apart together’ after having a baby too early or not being able to commit. He says that younger couples often turn to L.A.T, after a failed marriage, specifically if there are children involved. The last point I would elucidate, is Ms. Hess’s. She is a 61 years old woman from Berkeley, who claims that many people try very hard to fit into a model of relationship, that maybe never work out....
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