Living and Working

Topics: Education, Knowledge, Course Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: July 6, 2011
Dear editor,
Regarding the article that published on 16 May 2011 by your company, I am writing this letter proclaiming about the usefulness of the “Living and working in the community” course in English ESL syllabus as a means of expressing my perspectives on HSC courses. I think this course is very relevant to students according to my knowledge and experience, and unlike the information provided by your article; HSC courses have many beneficial aspects that students all yearn for. As a immigrant student, I find English and other subjects extremely difficult to learn. However, “Living and Working in the Community” course has provided me with the ability to gain understanding on a different base of English. In contrary with other subjects where theriacal studies must be applied, “LWC” allows me and other students learn to express ideas and opinions logically and formally in different situations. For example the course differs the way a personal letter stands with a non-personal letter where formality and appropriate salutation must be presented. Through this course, I believe students will be able to differentiate between letters Not only the course did a great assistance on ESL students, it also is valuable to those who need help in finding jobs. I am certain that students study this course will learn how to write a resume effectively or a cover letter that will sure impress the future employer. In other subjects, students learn about the historical aspects of how a subject existed and what they are about which can be advantageous in their prospective career, students may face a challenge when they have no knowledge of how to apply for the jobs they like. This can be disastrous sometimes and would destroy their strategic goals. Therefore, I believe this HSC course is vital and relevant to everyone, not just ESL students. There are many positive aspects about the contents of HSC courses that are beneficial for students. In acknowledgement to the article, you have...
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