Living an Authentic Life

Topics: Epic of Gilgamesh, Meaning of life, Gilgamesh Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Name: Quoc Tran
English 2403: World Literature
Section: L2
Professor: George Schroepfer
Living an Authentic life
Sangamithra Gangarapu, a software engineer, once said: “add life to your days, not days to your life;” This short but meaningful message caught my attention when I was browsing through facebook sometime last week. I’m sure the question that comes to mind when any of us when we see this quote is: have I live the life I was meant to live, or what does it mean to live an authentic life? Let us examine this question through the journeys of Noah, Gilgamesh, and Ivan.

In my opinion, to live an authentic life is to have an ability to connect and believe deeply in your true spirit within that eventually those thoughts are becoming actions from that place. It is a sense of understanding yourself and doing what you’re understand about yourself in the daily basis like a consistent behaviors.

Throughout reading the epic of Gilgamesh, ones might wonder what is the moral and lessons that is learned upon the story. In regarding to authenticity, I personally think the moral of the story is to appreciate the meaning of life, and to live your destiny; ones must prepare himself a journey of experiences of wisdom, appreciation of others to leave as legacy. In the beginning of the text, king Gilgamesh was described as a cruel, selfish ruler of Uruk. Instead of being the protector and guardian for his citizens and the city of Uruk, he used his power, strength to suppress his people. King Gilgamesh was depicted in such a negative term that the readers, when mentioned the name Gilgamesh, can relate to a person that has a highly thirst for personal indulgence and fame. He took away young boys from their family, as well as keeping young women from their husband for his own purposes. Another example of how the king would leave behind his city and citizens for his own glory is the journey to defeat Humbaba, the great guardian of the forest. According to king...
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