Living Alone

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It is a popular saying that man is a social animal. All of us need society of other people to feel happy, however nowadays more and more people are living alone. Living on your own is something you get used to if you've done it for a significant amount of time and is generally just one of the realities of being a single adult. While there are advantages to living on your own, I feel the disadvantages outweigh the latter.

First of all, when you live on your own, you don't have anyone to help you with the household chores. Washing clothes, washing the dishes, vacuuming, scrubbing the bathroom, it's all you. Unless you hire a maid or cleaning service there will be no one to help. If you live in a house and have a yard to mow and rake you will be in charge of that too. If you want to eat, that's up to you to, when you live alone, coming home after a long day at work to dinner on the table just isn't going to happen because there is no on that will help you cook. Secondly, another big disadvantage of living on your own is just the fact that you are alone. There's no one who is consistently there to talk to, share your feelings with, or laugh with. Sure, you may have family or friends over frequently or go out on a regular basis, but it's not the same. There's no one to come home to on stressful days where you really need someone to talk to. There's no one there to take care of you when you are sick or injured. Having to go to the doctor or pharmacy when you're sick and just want to stay in bed is all too often a reality, unless you can find a close friend, neighbor, or family member to help you out, there's no one to send out to get things for you and if you want or need something, it's up to you. Another related disadvantage is that of safety. When you live on your own, especially a women , there is a great risk that someone may break in your place of residence. If they do, unless you have an alarm system or someone happens to be there at the time, you...
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