Livestock Feed Marketing in Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects

Topics: Agriculture, Dhaka, Livestock Pages: 15 (3971 words) Published: February 26, 2011
Livestock Feed Marketing In Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects

Md. Mahbubar Rahman
Assistant Professor
Department of Marketing
University of Rajshahi

Livestock Feed Marketing In Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects Abstract: The present study is basically an attempt to identify the problems and prospects in livestock feed marketing and to give suggestions according to that. The study reveal that there is acute shortage of quality and quantity of livestock feed. In the mixture of any livestock feed protein, fibers fat, and calories should be present. But the study find out that in Bangladesh livestock feeds are inferior regarding their unscientific origin and substandard nutrition value. Moreover the major constraint to livestock production in Bangladesh is extremely deficit feed resource base. Efforts should be made to increase the supply of livestock feeds through suitable changes in the existing cropping system and developing a proper marketing system of livestock feed in Bangladesh.

1. Introduction

Livestock is an integral part of the farm economy of Bangladesh. Bangladesh has a very high density of population considering the total land mass and the cultivable land. Livestock production depends upon several factors, such as health care management, breed type, nutrition etc. However, it is considered that the most important constraint to livestock development in Bangladesh is the shortage of feed and fodder. The mass scale utilization of land for forage and feed production as it is in the west would not be desirable in Bangladesh at the present moment and in the foreseeable future. We can only adjust the present cropping system for fodder production. Therefore, we are left with no other alternative but to depend on crop residues, industrial wastes and other conventional and unconventional feed sources and to ensure the proper utilization. Hence, the development of a technique for a more efficient utilization of fibrous and non-fibrous feed through the ruminant system for production of meat, milk and other animal products becomes a matter of priority. The development of urea based feeding is considered to be a future feed supplement in the ruminant nutrition and can be used as a good feeding and management tool for improving the livestock productivity in Bangladesh. To achieve the desired aim, many private and public organizations have given priority on livestock development, but still the standard and quality livestock feed production and marketing system does not exist. That is why; it is not a profitable sector to the farmers and to the commercial organizations. So, it is assumed that if livestock feed production distribution and marketing system become a scientific industry, it may be very much helpful to the traders as well as to the farmers. It is also assumed that through this study an optimum process of livestock feed production and marketing system will take a standard form, which ultimately will improve the livestock business all over the country. It also will be helpful way of giving a politic guideline for livestock feed production and its marketing system. The investigation was done to fulfill the following objectives • To know the existing scenario of livestock feed in Bangladesh. • To evaluate the Marketing system of livestock feed in Bangladesh. • To find out the problems related to livestock feed marketing. • To identify some necessary steps for solving the problem.

2. Methodology

The study is conducted mainly on primary database as because there is no successful research works that has been done on livestock feed marketing. The primary data has been collected from the wholesalers, retailers and customers in the areas of Dhaka district through two sets of questionnaire that are prepared in the light of objectives of the study. Eight five respondents have been selected taking fifty customers, twenty retailers and...
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