Lives on the Boundary

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Lives on the Boundary
September 19th, 2011

In Mike Rose’s book, Lives of the Boundary, Rose explains how people in America have a good education and that unlike immigrants; American’s have an easier time learning than they do. Living in America, we have a great system of education that sets us up for the future, but in other unfortunate countries they are not as lucky and have other problems to deal with than to get a decent education. Being in America gives us opportunities that many people do not have, but with the right backing, even those people can be guaranteed a good education. A good education is a must. Mike Rose states that when he was a child he never thought of going to college (Rose 90), especially considering where he was placed in High School, but he eventually did make it to college and that going was truly a great experience and that having a college education changes your life and the way you look at it completely. Mike Rose wants education not to be a forced issue but to be an open option for all so that everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow in their own way, and that not just a select group of people have it but instead everyone. If everyone were given the opportunity to have the skills needed to be successful they could be. All education must be open for all. Mike Rose says that education should be open to everyone and that it should not be seen as a privilege that America and other nations have, but that everyone should be able to attain it. “Rose recalls those circumstances that opened up the university to him, and he argues forcefully that education in a democracy must be truly open to all, a theme he pursues in Possible Lives” (Rose 90), he is saying how education should be free to govern itself and that everyone should have an equal opportunity to have it and learn it, and with this education, we can all move closer to the proper education mix that America has. When people from abroad move to America for education they...
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