Lives of the Saints Essay-Character Description (Cristina)

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  • Published : November 6, 2012
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Lives of the Saints Essay-Character Description (Cristina)


Teacher: Ms. Haasen
Student: Olga Yaremchuk
Subject: English University Prep
The novel “Lives of the Saints” by Nino Ricci describes the protagonist Cristina who is also known as the daughter of the mayor. Throughout the novel, her husband is in Canada preparing for the immigration of the family. Due to the villagers’ belief in superstition, Cristina is treated as a scapegoat for “acting like a princess”, after she was bitten by a snake while illustrating her infidelity by having sex with another man. Cristina dies in the end on the ship to America after giving birth to the daughter of the man she had an affair with. This essay will look upon whether Cristina is victimized by the villagers, even though she caused most of her tragedy. Even though Cristina betrayed her husband by having sex with the blue-eyed man, she doesn’t deserve to be treated as a curse and rejected by the villagers. She is in fact the victim in this story.

In the novel, Cristina’s husband is described as “always right, there’s no way to talk to him; the only way he knows how to talk is with the back of his hand. Now he sends me money because he’s too proud to admit he was fired.” It is seen that she did not really love her husband and because he was so far away, in a way that made her affair reasonable to some extents. The villagers and even the doctor on the ship thought Cristina “acts like a princess”. This could be because she is the daughter of the mayor in the villagers’ eyes but it does not explain the doctor’s opinion. That tells us that in some way, it is who Cristina is and how she acts. She is different from others all on her own. For Cristina, it is quite simple because it is the way she pursues her own happiness and she doesn’t want to live like anyone else. Just as she said in the hospital, “everyone...
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