Lives in Africa

Topics: World War II, Nairobi, Kenya Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Lives in Africa
What do you think of when Africa is mentioned? Do you picture endless plains, deserts, lions and exciting expeditions? Or does your mind wander to its people and tribes, or the history found here? Whatever the opinion may be, one cannot deny Africa has a certain flair to it that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. In Karen Blixen’s novel Out of Africa and Caroline Link’s film adaptation of Nowhere in Africa, the two women immerse one in Africa’s rich, colorful culture. While the two stories are different, each offers its own unique tale of people trying to create a life in the wild African landscape. Out of Africa tells the story of Karen Blixen and her life on a farm growing coffee in the Ngong Hills. She lives among the Kikuyu tribe, as well as the Masai and Somalis. She is actively involved with the natives by running a school, tending to certain medical issues, and settling various affairs. She also has relationships with a few Europeans who come to Africa as well, with whom she participates in safaris and also keep her up to standard with food, wine and music. Although she loves her life in Africa, in the end she has to sell her farm, possessions, say goodbye to her friends and return to Europe. In Nowhere in Africa, the Redlich family flees from Germany to Africa to escape Nazi persecution of the Jews. The father, Walter, becomes a farm manager. His wife, Jettel, is displeased at first, but his daughter Regina falls in love with the country quickly. When war begins, the German citizens are imprisoned, and Walter is separated from his family. Jettel sleeps with a soldier when they are released to secure a place for her family to live. Walter joins the British army while Regina goes to boarding school only to return home during the harvest season. The war ends and Walter comes home, but says he wants to return to Germany. Jettel does not want to leave but allows her husband to make the decision, so Walter applies to be a judge in...
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