Live Your Life with No Regrets

Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: September 23, 2012

According to a poem, “The greatest pain in life is not to die but to be ignored.” – Being ignored is really disappointing, it makes us feel that we don’t actually exist. But then, in every community, there are people whose worth we can’t see. However, let us just focus on the individuals whose jobs are forgotten by so called “normal-people” – these are people whose jobs are acknowledged by the society and are thought to be a noble one. Yes! These forgotten people may not be like a Doctor, an Engineer, or a CPA but their dedication to help us without asking anything in return can never be replaced by the services that these noble people could give us. Why? Why do we keep on ignoring them as if they don’t count? Why do we build a wall between our world and theirs? They have feelings too, but we don’t always know the hurt and pain they have for such ignorance of us.

Mr. Jovit Esteban, working as a Traffic Enforcer in Bulakan, Bulacan for two years, is one of these ignored people in the society. He was a Barangay Tanod before and was actually appointed by the Mayor of Bulakan to become a Traffic Enforcer to give him the opportunity to have a more satisfying job. He is 46 years of age, married, and a father of three children. He is just a High School Graduate since his parents couldn’t afford to send him in college. But, what’s impressing with him is that he didn’t stop on dreaming that one day, he’ll be able to fulfill his ambition to become a PILOT and own a house in Camella Homes. Imagine how great his ambition is. And, in spite of this, he is still happy for whatever he has now – he is still happy as a Traffic Enforcer.

Being a traffic enforcer is a tough job one could ever had. Aside from being condemned by the drivers, disrespected by the students, they are also criticized by the people around them as a “mangongotong” or corrupt. But, Mr. Esteban has a positive way of thinking about these things. “Hindi, hindi namin...
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