Live in India Rather Than Other Countries...

Topics: Developing country, Country, Culture of India Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: August 1, 2012
All people who belong to INDIA have taken birth in INDIA and have grown up in INDIA and were educated in INDIA………everything in INDIA but why are they going to foreign countries and are living in other countries? What is there in those countries..? I never understand this. I think whatever there in those countries is also present in our country. Those people who go to those countries will be living in those foreign countries and will be saying bad words to our country and we’ll be listening to them we don’t even say some words supporting our country……how shame it is? At first it is SHAME to them who say bad words to our country and then it’s shame to us……but I think they are habituated like that and we too…. But this is not suitable to all the people living in INDIA. It is only suitable to them who really do like this. One has born in INDIA ,educated in INDIA and have performed everything in INDIA and after this went to other country and on asking…. have said that INDIA is a developing country and what will I get when I served to INDIA...and more over imitated our INDIA…..WHAT IS THIS? IS THIS OUR CULTURE? IS THIS OUR MANNERS? I can’t understand…..if whatever they are saying is truth then how can they get educated in a way that they like? Before some years, other (foreign) people have conquered our INDIA and all of us know what happened at that time….then why are people of INDIA leaving INDIA and going away? I think everything that is there in other countries is also present in our country… I just wanted say few words that I think inspire others to live in INDIA rather than other countries and I always say that there is no safety in other countries as much as we have in our country not only this we’ve all born and even educated in INDIA and not in other countries….so be in INDIA at least I will never ask you to serve INDIA because I know that serving a country is not very easy so I want you to just live in...
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