Live Fast or Slow Pace

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  • Published : September 29, 2011
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The definition of happiness differentiates among people, which creates different lifestyles. Ambitious people who set achievements as priority choose to be in a hurry to go places and get as many things done as possible. I personally, however, prefer to lead a slower-pace life for the following reasons. At the first place, I definitely can enjoy life better. People buried in work, though can win money and respect from others, deny themselves chances of sensing the beatiful world outside. They hardly find time to relax and chase their hobbies, like picnics or travelling, not even to appreciate a nice weather day. Also, they can not eat, drink and sleep properly, which leads to serious health problems. Reasonable schedule, in contrast, gives me time to take care of myself, both physically and mentally. Futhermore, living slowly keeps me closer to friends and relatives. Every relationship needs us to look after frequently to grow deep and strong. Not restricted by hours at work, we can celebrate mom’s birthdays, attend brother’s soccer games and come to friends in their sorrows as well as their happiness, for example. Therefore, people can feel themselves important and connected to us. Last but not least, the whole society can change, too. When people slow down and treat others with warmth and interests, they give evils little space to grow. As a result, the surrounding becomes a better place to live in. In fact, big cities where life is competitive and full of cold-hearted citizens usually face with more serious and complicated social evils than small villages. To summarize, my belief is that a slow-pace life helps make us joyful moments, deepen our relationship and prevent evils, as well. People apparently have the rights to decide what their own lives would be, however, they should all allow themselves to experience being ‘alive’ with the full meaning of the word.
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