Live Concert Response

Topics: Music, Orchestra, Robert Schumann Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Tetyana Trofimova
MUS 102
Prof. Jill Meehan
April 21, 2011

Live Musical Response

On 17th of April 2011 in The School of Music of West Chester University Symphony Orchestra, Mastersingers and Concert Choir performed their concert to celebrate 140 Years of Music. The concert lasted approximately an hour and a half and six music pieces were performed. The program included Hard Knocks (1999) by Adam Silverman, Concerto for Cello and Orchestra by Robert Schumann performed by cellist Zsombor Lazar, Der Erkonig by Franz Schubert performed by soloist Ian Martin, “Il est doux, il es bon” from Herodiade by Jules Massenet performed by soprano Amanda M. Williams , Variations on a Theme by Joseph Haydn,Op. 56a by Johannes Brahms and Te Deum by Zoltan Kodaly. The Symphony Orchestra included such instruments as piano, violins, cellos, flutes. Performers were prepared very well. Ovidiu Marinescu was the conductor for all the musical pieces except Variations on the Theme, which was conducted by Joseph Gehring. The performers were very well prepared. The Symphonic Orchestra sounded rhythmically together and Concert Choir and Mastersingers were always singing in tune. In my opinion the musicians should be reasonably high-rated for their technical abilities; orchestra and singers were naturally complementing each other, setting up the mood and tone for each performing piece. My favorite piece from this concert was Der Erlkonig by Franz Schubert. The genre of this composition is Lied and the text of this song is from the Goethe poem. Even though there are four characters in this song and Schubert placed each character largely in a different vocal range, and each has his own rhythmic nuances, in this concerto it was performed by a single vocalist. Erlkonig starts with the piano rapidly playing octaves in order to create a horror theme and triplets of a repeated note to simulate the horse's galloping - this motif continues during all the composition. Also each of the son's...
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