Little C

Topics: Death, Life, Cloning Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: February 12, 2013
In Little C by Martha Nussbaum, the woman that narrates the story is supposed to be addressing her former or deceased husband. She discovers a baby wrapped up in a laundry basket in front of her house. She takes the child and treats it as her own. Throughout the story the woman often says how the child has similar characteristics to her husband, or how they differ, which leads the reader to believe that Little C is actually a clone of her husband. When Little C is still young and growing up, the woman often reads the book Francois le Champi to him, which is very similar to the life of Little C. The woman also calls Little C “Champi” a few times after he makes the connection of how similar his life is to the boy in the book, who grows up and becomes the lover and husband of his adoptive mother. When Little C gets older, he asks his mother why she always seems unhappy, and he blames his unhappiness on himself. But when she denies that it is his fault, he asks her why she doesn’t love him like the woman in the story ended up loving Francois. In response, she simply stated that every body’s stories are different.

It seems pretty obvious that Little C is the clone of the woman’s husband. That was probably done because the husband was dying or perhaps they just couldn’t be together for some reason. But the woman obviously decided that she couldn’t live without the man, so they cloned him. She hoped that he would be identical to the man that she loved, or even, that she would be able to have Little C become her lover after he entered adulthood, like the woman and boy did in Francois le Champi. This shows that cloning can be used to bring back loved ones that didn’t live their first life to the fullest. In a way, by cloning that dying or dead person, they are being given a second chance at life.

At first, the relationship between these two characters seems normal. The woman talks about how Little C is growing, and his little accomplishments throughout his...
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