Little Things in Life - Poem

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  • Published : June 9, 2012
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It’s The Little Things in Life
-Georgia Muir

It’s the little things in life, that makes us laugh, that makes us smile.

Things as simple as a bunch of butterflies escaping into the blue sky, or a stranger who’s genuine enough to smile while passing by.

Your heart racing when you catch the person you dream of looking at you. The feeling you get when you understand something in math, when at first you didn’t have a clue.

The laughing fits you have with your best friend. That book you loved so much you wished it would never end.

Being on the beach with the sand between your toes on a hot summer’s day. Your siblings finally letting you have your own way.

The music in your iPod turned up extremely loud. The excitement you get at your first concert while standing in the middle of a huge crowd.

Singing to your heart’s desire in the shower. Finally getting your driver’s license, feeling free and full of power.

How swishy your hair feels after a haircut. When that one person who never has anything nice to say keeps their mouth shut.

Glitter nail polish that makes your nails look like mini disco balls. When you and your friends plan a trip to the mall.

Towels that have just come out of the dryer. That helium balloon you let go of rising higher and higher.

Those jokes only you and your friend understand. When you’re with that special someone and you’re holding hands.

Watching the sunset and thinking of how beautiful the world really is. Opening that ice cold soda and hearing it fizz.

Seeing smile on someone’s face and knowing that you put it there. Giving someone a hug like their big, cuddly, grizzly bear.

Diving into the pool without hesitation. Playing sing star like you’re a singing sensation.

The boy you realise your totally over. Screaming on a rollercoaster.

Pinky promises because they’re seriously legit. Those awesome new shoes that perfectly fit.

Finally learning how to fly kites. Boyfriends who start those cute...
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