Little Things in Life

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Little things in life

I believe in all the small things that makes one happy. I believe that everyone can easily make someone else happy, even though it is just a little thing. Life is bearable with simple and small joys, and most days I can look around me and determine at least one thing I really enjoy that makes me happy, even if it is just my favorite underwear I am wearing.

Life is too short to not be happy and it is the little things that one receives from people or oneself that leaves an impact. One time I was walking down the street in Turkey with my sister. We decided to buy a smoothie and I ended up with a mango and strawberry one. I was not even half way done with my smoothie, when I found out that I did not want it anymore. I was about to throw it away when I saw a man sitting on a tiny blanket across the street. It was really hot outside, and he looked really sad. He had an old, ripped shirt and dirty shorts on. I decided that instead of throwing it away I was going to give it to him. He was so happy. He did not say a word, but he had the biggest smile and I easily saw that he was grateful for it. I do not think I will ever forget his smile. Seeing him happy, and knowing that he was made me feel great. It made me feel good about myself, and knowing that a small thing like just a smoothie can make other people happy.

The other day I got a letter in the mail from one of my best friends from Norway, and just that it was a letter made me happy because we never send letters anymore. Even though I talk to her several times a week on the phone, I was so happy that I actually got something good in the mail. She had written those small things about us that made her happy that she really misses this year, like walking in the hallway together or just go for a run together at night. Those small things made us both happy when we were together, and she made me happy by telling me this. It makes me feel grateful about our friendship, and it was only a piece...
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