Little Rock Nine

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Melba Patillo

Melba was a 15 year old junior when she entered central high school. Her mother had been one of the first African Americans to attend the university of Arkansas, and worked as a high school English teacher. Melba was a tall and articulate girl. She kept a detailed diary of her year at central high school. After the closing at central high school, she moved to Santa Rosa, California and completed high school there. Melba went on to earn a graduate degree from Columbia University and became a reporter for NBC. In 1994 she published Warriors Don¡¦t Cry, Which won the Robert F. Kennedy memorial book award. She is currently a communications consultant in San Francisco.

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Gloria ray Karlmark

In 1957 Gloria Ray was 15. She was charming but intense girl. She was careful about her appearance and serious about her studies. She graduated form Illinois technical college and earned her graduate degree in Stockholm, Sweden. Gloria became a computer science writer and a publisher of a European computer magazine. She is also an executive officer of a Dutch company. She is now retired and lives in the Netherlands.

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Thelma Mothershed Wair

In 1957 Thelma Mothershed entered the school as a junior. She was very frail and had a serious heart condition and that resulted In mild heart attack in early 1957-58 school year. She was set on finishing the year she also maintained a nearly perfect attendance record. [including her illness] in the summer after her 1957-58 year at central she went to a correspondence courses and earned enough credits it graduate and got her diploma from central high school through the mail. Thelma is now retired and lives in Belleville, Illinois. She volunteers at an abused woman¡¦s program. She also teaches survival skills to women

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Minniejean Brown Trickey

In 1957 Minniejean Brown was 16 years old. She was tall and very attractive. She was the primary subject for the segregationist wrath. In 1958 she was expelled from central high for retaliating against her tormentors. For her senior year she was at Lincoln high school. [she graduated in 1959]. She moved to Canada with her husband in the 60¡¦s and she got her Masters degree in social work while she was in Canada. She is now a civil rights crusader in Maryland and is she is working on her autobiography.

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Carlotta Walls Lanier

In 1957 she was a sophomore when she entered the school. She was athletic and energetic. She was always into trying new things. After central high was reopened she returned with Jefferson Thomas. [ they both graduated in 1960]. She now lives in Denver, Colorado and a real estate agent. Carlotta is also a member of many community organizations such as the Colorado aids project, jack and jill of America, the urban league, and the NAACP [The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People]. She also helped to establish the little rock nine foundation. A non-profit organization committed to providing educational opportunities to African- American students.

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Terrance Roberts
Terrence Roberts was a junior when he entered central high. Terrence was very intelligent and talkative. He also had a wonderful sense of humor. He had hopes of changing the uniformed racist opinions of the white students. Throughout his year his he became less aware of his ability to change his fellow students impressions.

he earned his bachelors degree In sociology from California state university, his masters degree in social welfare from UCLA, and his Ph. D from southern Illinois university. He now teaches at California university and Is the CEO of Jefferson j. Thomas consulting firm

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Jefferson Thomas

In 1957 Jefferson Thomas was a sophomore when he entered central high. He was very athletic and was a track star at his junior high, but he was not allowed to participate in sports. He was quiet and soft spoken....
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