Little Rock Nine

Topics: Little Rock Nine, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Court of the United States Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Little rock nine
Little rock nine event did a lot of impact on civil movement. The nine student involve in the little rock nine are hero. They took the high risk to enter to a white school and cursing by a lot of white people. But what they do is worth . What they do it excitation so many people to join the civil right movement. They helped to bring widespread integration to public school. They impress the president by what they do. Also they got the support from media. The little rock nine event was a great movement in the black history. The little rock nine represent the success of the U.S. Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education. The little rock nine central is a white only high school. And locate in south state Arkansas. The people in south are racism. They are 1500 white people who had try everything to keep them out of the school. According to Bigham-Tsai,Kennetha J. At the beginning the Arkansas governor order the national guard to the school. They were tried to keep the black out of the school. But the US supreme court order them to leave. After the national guards left the black still not be able to enter to school. They are over 1000 whites raged outside, only about 100 police officers were duty to control them. Some angry mobs rush though the police. The black student had to hurried onto a unmarked police car and went home. All the angry mobs outside the school try to hang one of the black and rest of the black will leave. That just only enter the school, inside the school was more worst.(Page 2 to 4) All nine black students were graduate from little rock central high school. The courage of nine black students inspired president Eisenhower to do something. He ordered the military into action, and by the end of the following day, 1100 men from the 101 st Ariborne Division had arrived. These federal troops deployed around the school to enforce orders for integration of the school. The troops protect students to...
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