Little Rock Nine

Topics: Little Rock Nine, Orval Faubus, Supreme Court of the United States Pages: 4 (1496 words) Published: December 8, 2012

The Separate but Equal was a doctrine that stated that services,facilities,and public places could be separated by race as long as other accommodations were equal. This doctrine soon became very controversial; many did not believe in the Separate but equal doctrine because it was not as equal as it portrayed itself to be, especially when it came to wanting to receive a quality education. Many fought to have schools desegregated so that African-Americans could attend school with whites. In the month of May 17,1954 the Supreme court deemed that all laws that established segregation in schools were unconstitutional. But on September 2, 1957 the town of Little Rock, Arkansas would stand against this decision that would later go down in history.

Little Rock was one of the two states in the South to broadcast that they would abide by the new “law of the land”. In the year of 1949, Arkansas law school would become desegregated; and so would seven of the state universities. Which allowed African-Americans to be elected to local offices and to be chosen by the state board. With this sudden change Little Rock began to see that they were making progress by slowly transitioning into integration with the cities public transportation, services and public sitings. With these new deriving emotions, the city believed with a carefully well developed plan that they could break down the boundaries within their school. The school board voted for a plan to start desegregating within the high schools in 1957, and to have junior high and elementary schools to follow some time after. But the plan would soon show to become unpromising.

On September 2,1957, Orval Faubus would called the state's National Guard to surround the Little Rock Central High School to block entrance to stop any African-American from access into the school building. Faubus explained his reasoning for this action was to protect the citizens and the property from any violent...
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