Little Res Ridding Hood

Topics: Little Red Riding Hood, Brothers Grimm, Fairy tale Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Instructor: Emily A. Miller
ENG 111/009.14N
01 November, 2012

Compare the Grimm’s Little Red Riding Hood and The Company of wolves There are many different versions of Little Red riding hood, some have new characters, some have different ending, but many versions have one thing in common that is the Little Red Cap is no longer weak and some even started to revenge in some versions. Here I will compare Carter’s version to Grimm’s classic version as an example. I will discuss the character, the moral values, and the religious color to demonstrate how Little Red Cap grows stronger and dig it to a deeper level. The first obvious difference between the two versions is the character Little Red Cap itself. Most of time, the character created by the author is a denotation by which a theme is voiced. The Grimm's Little Red Cap is so innocent and fragile that she is a victim by appeasing the wolf's hunger. She is weak and needs to be saved by a strong person, just like it happened at the end when she was rescued by the hunter. On the contrary, Carter didn’t create the Little Red Cap to show off her masterful characterization ability, also to symbolize women's power and independence. For example, in Grimm's Brother's version, the Little Red Cap is innocent, and was sketched as a sweet girl that everyone who sees will love. The author didn't use a lot of words on her appearance and personality compare to Carter's version. In contrast, Carter portrayed her characters as in reality. She created a pretty and youthful little red cap. Many vivid words she used were suggestive of sex rather than direct descriptions. She wrote: "Her breasts have just begun to swell.....and she has just started woman’s bleeding, the clock inside her that will strike, henceforward, once a month." It's easy for readers to draw an image of a luscious girl in mind. Moreover, she is strong and brave that she is afraid of nothing. She is clever. She brings a knife in the basket as she...
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