Little Red Riding Hood Appropriation Review

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  • Published : March 30, 2008
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On the arid outback of Iraq lived little black Hijab. She was sent by her mother to the go and bring some curry to her ill grandmother. Her mother reminded her to be very quiet and not disturb her dyeing grandmother as she was very unwell from a recent explosion that had removed 3 of her limbs. Before she left she was reminded not to talk to any Sunni’s as it was dangerous to do so.

Little black hijab walked along quietly under the hot son, taking the occasional break under the shade of a tree. She continue down towards her grandmother when an enormous man dressed in black called to her from behind a rock. Little black hijab went over to her and asked, “what is the matter?”

“I am a Sunni official, where are you going?” inquired the disturbed Sunni. “A Sunni! My mother told me to never speak to strangers, especially Sunni’s. I’m going to see my grandmother, now I must go, I’m late for prayer.” Protested little black hijab. “Well I’m going that way as well, perhaps I should walk you there,” offered the sunni official. “No thankyou,” replied little black Hijab, who rushed off in haste.

For reason of his own the Sunni planned to reach the grandmother first, so he took an underground sunni shortcut that halved the distance. He crept up on the Grandmother’s house and silently entered. He snuck up to her, noticing several pieces of shrapnel poking out from her. In one gulp the enormous man swallowed the small, partly limbless women. With his belly full he put on the grandmothers cloths and got into bed, awaiting little black hijab.

After an unanswered knock little black hijab entered, placing the curry in the kitchen and walking over to her grandmother.

“Are you awake? Granny? You look awfully bloated,” she said sounding quite concerned.

Little black hijab leant closer to see that she was still breathing and then in a matter of moments the Bloated Sunni stretched his stomach to dangerous proportions as he slowly devoured little black hijab. She...
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