Little Miss Sunshine Movie Essay

Topics: Love, Family, Fox Searchlight Pictures Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Little Miss Sunshine

In the film, “Little Miss Sunshine” an extraordinary family explores many obstacles that troubles their way to their journey to Olive's (daughter) beauty pageant. Along the way the family learns to love, care and support each other. Little Miss Sunshine illustrated that love can be expressed through different forms.

Firstly, the movie illustrated how the value of family is very important. The family uses everyone's strengths to support each other. During the movie, many challenges such as the unreliable VW bus and sneaking grandpa out of the hospital required the whole family to work together to accomplish a common goal. The Hoover family valued the family as a whole and would not leave anyone behind. An example is when they left Olive at the gas station and then came back to pick her up. Even though, Sheryl and Richard may have had some arguments,sometimes arguments can be used to strengthen a relationship. In Little Miss Sunshine, grandpa may seem foul-mouthed ,grouchy and rude but he still exhibits a caring side. When his son Richard is at the point of bankruptcy, grandpa goes to the front of the van to give Richard his support. Grandpa says a few words of encouragement and sincerely looks him in the eye. I believe that even though every family may encounter many problems, we grow stronger because of the bonds we make. I believe that the Hoover family valued their family by providing unconditional love and support, not leaving anyone behind and when Richard chose to trust Olive, when she said she'll win the pageant.

Secondly, in Little Miss Sunshine the family provides many functions for one another. One of the functions they provide for one another is support. An example is, when Olive was about to perform her dance. When she was just about to go on stage both Dwain and Richard tried to stop Olive because they were afraid she was not good enough against the other girls. However, Sheryl( mother) argued that if Olive wanted to...
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