Little Miss Sunshine

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  • Published : April 29, 2012
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Little Miss Sunshine
In 2007, the Academy Award winning film, Little Miss Sunshine, was released in theaters. Little Miss Sunshine is the original story of Olive Hoover and her families’ road trip to the “Little Miss Sunshine Beauty Pageant” in California. The films dramatic structure and use of specific plot points demonstrates the main character's rise from an impressionable child yearning for the glory of a beauty pageant winner to a young girl ready to accept herself as an individual. It also transforms her father's perspective of what it means to be a winner. Our story begins with Olive watching the end to a Beauty Pageant contest on her television. This character driven opening sequence exemplifies Olive’s dramatic need to become a Beauty Queen. As the scene cuts from the pageant back to Olive, she rubs her stomach displaying the fact that she does not feel comfortable with her appearance. A young child at Olive’s age should not feel like she has to be perfect and resemble a pageant winner to be beautiful. As the opening sequence continues, the film switches to the father, Richard Hoover, giving a presentation entitled “Refuse to Lose”. The title of his presentation and his perspective on winning sets the foundation for Olive's self-dissatisfaction. As the film progresses, the mindset of the father impacts the daughter and her dream to become a beauty pageant winner. In Act I, the scene starts with the Hoover family at the dinner table where Olive is telling her Uncle Frank about her routine her grandfather helped her choreograph for the beauty pageant. Through this scene, the audience is once again introduced to the fathers’ mentality on winning. As Uncle Frank wishes Olive good luck on her performance, her father responses immediately, “Luck is the name losers give to their own failing.” With persuasion from her father, Olive believes that the only thing that matters is winning. As the scene ends, the first major plot point arrives when Olive listens to...
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